Become a Sandstorm Partner

In January of 2020, we were excited to announce the Sandstorm Partnership Program for content creators! The ultimate goal of the program is to help creators build their channels and communities around Sandstorm to continue to grow across Youtube and Twitch. 

At New World Interactive, our team has been privileged to maintain a strong relationship with our player-base. We believe that the implementation of the Sandstorm Partnership Program will only enhance the overall level of community engagement.

We're looking for gamers that enjoy producing original Insurgency: Sandstorm-related content. Video upload content must be edited in some way and not just a re-upload of a previous stream. Uploads can consist of compilations, reviews, analysis, or any other type of edited content. This content should also meet the terms of service of the partner’s chosen platform and be suitable for the age rating and audience of Sandstorm.




Our team has absolutely no intention of taking away your voice as a creator. It’s very clear that passion is what helps drive community engagement and to a large extent, makes Insurgency: Sandstorm great. We’re looking for creators who will voice their opinions and even give constructive criticism when necessary. We recognize that our community plays a huge part in the development process which again, helps make Insurgency: Sandstorm the best it can be.

As a Sandstorm Partner, you will have access to more game information, as well as direct communication with the developers. For transparency’s sake, we would like to be on the record in stating that while Partners hold a lot of influence within our community, New World Interactive still has the final say in regards to what happens within the company’s subsidiaries. 

With that being said, we want to let our current/potential Sandstorm Partners know that this clarification goes both ways. NWI will never influence any actions that could negatively impact your reputation as a content creator. Ultimately, the direction that you take your brand is yours to keep. We’re just here to help along the way!



Once New World Interactive reviews your application, we’ll reach out to let you know if we think you’re a good fit for our Sandstorm Partnership Program! It should be noted that NWI keeps all submissions private unless an applicant is chosen to be apart of the program. We’re looking forward to reading through all the applications!


Still have questions? We'd love to help.