How to Run a Traceroute Command

When we're troubleshooting latency or network issues, sometimes we may ask you to provide us with a Traceroute Result. A Traceroute Result displays the route path and measures the transit delays of packets across an Internet Protocol Network. By attaching a tracert.txt file to your ticket, it will allow us to see the IP’s step-by-step connection/destination path, and ultimately help assist us in identifying the cause of the network issue.

1. In the Windows Search Field, type cmd.


2. Right-click on “Command Prompt” or “CMD.exe” and select “Run as Administrator”.


3. Once the console is open, enter the command tracert [ip] > c:\tracert.txt and press Enter.

  • Replace the “[ip]” with the appropriate IP address. Run this command once per IP address for your region.


4. Allow a few minutes for the traceroute to complete. When you see a new line of text in the command prompt, the traceroute is done. This creates a file on your C: drive called “tracert.txt”.

  • If you receive an error, you did not run the command prompt in Administrator Mode. Go back to step three and please try again.


5. Attach the “tracert.txt” file to your Support Ticket and let us work our magic.


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