Hello Insurgency: Sandstorm players! Below is a list of frequently asked questions, in topic format, that we intend to update as new information becomes available over time. 

If your issue is not addressed here, please reach out to our support team by creating an issue ticket, and we will look into it for you.



  • Stuck on Class Selection

In Update 1.14 Operation: Accolade, we changed how player deployment works which has caused some confusion. Previously, players would automatically deploy after choosing their loadouts, forcing them to resupply after making any new changes.

We felt that this caused a break in gameplay which did not contribute to the experience we want to give our players. As a result, the functionality was changed to be closer to the experience on PC. Players are now prompted in the loadout screen (bottom left) to deploy using the "X" button on Xbox and the Square button on PlayStation.

  • Blood/Dismemberment

Blood and dismembered body parts are currently disappearing off the map at a faster rate than intended.

  • Floating Gear

We are aware of an issue that is causing players' gear to float above their bodies after they have been killed.

  • Replay/Spectator HUD

“Hide HUD” toggle may not work while in replay or spectator mode.

  • PlayStation Party Issues

Players may encounter issues with party system functionality on PlayStation platforms.

  • Voice Chat Disabled

Player voice chat may appear as disabled in the voice overlay.

  • Crashes

We are aware of issues causing players' games to crash. As we are navigating this, please send tickets to our support team with crash logs as well as your platform. Every ticket we receive helps the team with their investigations.

  • Dismemberment & Ragdolls on PlayStation

This will likely be fixed with the Gen 9 releases of Insurgency: Sandstorm, as it has been quite a challenge to get them working properly and consistently on the current version of the game.



  • Server instability

Thanks to your feedback, we are aware of some connection / packet loss issues affecting players across all server regions. We are actively working with our server provider to resolve this.

  • Gen 9 (PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S)

We are actively working on Gen 9 releases of Insurgency: Sandstorm, and they should arrive sometime in 2023. If you purchased the game for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you are entitled to a free digital copy of the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series versions as determined by your original purchase.

For Xbox players, this will be obtained through an app update. For PlayStation players, there will be a free download option in the PS Store.

  • Gen 9 Transfers

In-game Content: as long as you are playing the Gen 9 version with the same console account, your player level, unlocked gear and stats will all transfer over.

Paid Content: as long as you are playing the Gen 9 version with the same console account, all purchased DLC will transfer over to the Gen 9 version.

  • 4K on PlayStation

There are no planned resolution changes at this time, however as we have more information about development for PlayStation 5 we will update this space.

  • Console Crossplay

We are actively working on console crossplay (between Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5) and will share more information when we can. We have no plans at this time to include PC into crossplay.

  • PC Crossplay

Crossplay is currently available between Steam and EGS. We have no plans at this time to include PC into the console crossplay environment.

  • Mod Support on Console

This is not a feature we are actively working on, and at this time we do not intend to bring mods to console.

  • Limited Time Game Modes as Permanent 

We have no plans to make any of these modes permanent in Insurgency: Sandstorm at this time. We believe we would likely stretch the playerbase too thin, resulting in empty lobbies and longer wait-times.

  • Content Parity

The console and PC versions of Insurgency: Sandstorm are the same. If you see content for PC that you do not have access to there is a good chance you are looking at mod content.

  • 5v5 Firefight

We understand this adjustment ruffled some feathers, and after seeing how it performed at scale across our playerbase, we have made the decision to revert Firefight to its original 12v12 player limit (10v10 on console).

Our intention is to eventually come back to the 5v5 mode, but that will happen after much more testing and tweaking so as to properly balance it.

  • Regional Servers

We currently have no plans to add to or change our current server configuration.

  • AI Behaviour

We are continuously working on tweaking our AI to provide players with a better gameplay experience. If you experience issues regarding our AI's behaviour, please send a ticket to our support team describing the behaviour.


Xbox Game Pass

  • What happens to purchased DLC after the game leaves Game Pass? 

You will retain the rights to any purchased DLC, however in order to access it you would need to purchase the game itself. As long as you were signed in to the Xbox network the last time you played, your achievements, game saves, and game progress will all be there.

  • What happens to purchased DLC if a player's Game Pass subscription expires?

As with the previous answer you retain the rights to the DLC, you would only need to renew your Game Pass subscription or purchase the game to keep enjoying the DLCs you already own

  • Does this have any impact on players who purchased the game for Xbox before or separately from Game Pass?

Our inclusion in Game Pass will mean an increase in the playerbase and will likely mean overall reduced matchmaking times.

  • Will players accessing the game via Game Pass need Xbox Live Gold to access multiplayer features? 

To access the multiplayer component, you will need either Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or a subscription to Xbox Live Gold (sold separately). 


  • Will the game be playable via cloud gaming?

Yes, you will be able to play the Xbox Game Pass version of the game through cloud gaming.



  • New Content

We are delighted to announce that a new year of content is in the works! More information will be revealed soon.

Still have questions? We'd love to help.